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It is adviced to install the Postman from when developing with the Schooltas API.

  1. Import
  2. OAuth
  3. Your first request


The first thing you need to do is import the following file: schooltas-postman.json.


When doing request you need to set an Authorization header. This can be done by authenticating using OAuth 2.0.

  1. Go to the Authorization tab
  2. Select OAuth 2.0
  3. Click on Get access token
  4. Fill in the required fields with the information provided below
  5. Click on Get access token
  6. Fill in your Schooltas email and password to receive an access token

OAuth information:

  • Client ID: TODO
  • Client secret: TODO
  • Authorization URL: Authorization URL
  • Access token URL:

Your first request

The Account > Account get is a good request for testing if your access token is working. Add the retrieved access token to the header of your request and press send.